11 Music videos produced in Germany

D I approx. 65 mins. I Hamburg premiere

Before the screening: Award ceremony Pop Archive-Award for the Best Music Documentary of the UNERHÖRT! 2018 program. For 20 years now, the renown International Short Film Festival in Oberhausen (one of the biggest of its kind worldwide), gives an award to the best German music video production of the year. It is called the MuVi-Award, and the festival itself distributes a BluRay (or DVD) of the annual nominees. The event's milestone birthday gives UNERHÖRT! the opportunity to show the 11 nominated clips of 2018 on the big screen: ACTION1: LUCID, IMPERIAL BEACH I Music: Kammerflimmer Kollektief I Director: Bernd Schoch Another beach. A disintegrating image. Noise and sound. A red wall is blown up. COPYSHOP I Music: Romano I Director: Jakob Grunert Berlin-Köpenick rapper Romano on a voyage of discovery to Hong Kong, where he reviews his past as a copy shop employee in Berlin. It’s all about megacities, stereotypes, creative spaces, rap music, Romano’s copy shop biography and the copy of the copy of the copy...

CUIDADOCHES I Music: Tall Juan I Director: Dante Zaballa
The song by Tall Juan is dedicated to all those people who live in the street. Made with acrylics, pastels and pencil on paper.

DAMENBART I Music: Schlammpeitziger I Directors: Jo Zimmermann, Ulrike Göken
The video is a collaboration between the artist duo Schlammpeitziger from Cologne, Germany, and the artist duo Kota Utka from Kiev, Ukraine. The duo from Cologne created a music video based on the Ukrainian duo’s idiosyncratic photos and photo animations.

DINGE I Music: Station 17 & Andreas Specht I Director: Iskender Kökce
The music subtly drifts into your consciousness, not leaving you alone for a moment with all the things and the unusual, human peripheral phenomena! The essentials are related from the point of view of a wheelchair. The things stare at you...

DON'T I Music: Daniel Freitag I Director: Daniel Freitag
In a silver catsuit and with a cigarette, Sandra Hüller plays a superhero whose glorious days seem to be long gone. The personal song deals with love, missed chances and finally letting go. These topics also appear in the video, with communication (or its absence) playing a central role, too.

IN WAVES I Music: Nagel I Directors: Boris Dörning, Gregor Kuschmirz
Kuschmirz and Dörning, with their dancing puppets, have a whirl inside a dark museum. The exhibits spring to life, prompted by the music of the Italian artist duo Nagel. The puppets are manipulated in a clearly perceivable manner and so become an integral part of an accurate choreography.

LIMERENCE I Music: Yves Tumor I Director: Oliver Pietsch
The video is based on found footage of showering people of both sexes.

TAKE A STAND, BUT WHAT TO WEAR? I Music: OK Decay I Directors: Stephanie Müller, Erich Dietl
OK DECAY appreciate the side notes and provide assistance to bankruptcy in passing. They dive – right into discomfort. ‘Take A Stand, But What To Wear? Paperthin Razorskins, Freckles And Liver Spots. Loads of Dots, But No Plots.’ Henri Mancini’s theme bears the uncertainty, rearing up until it fades. The questions remain.

THINGS I Music: Andreas Spechtl I Director: Markus S Fiedler
Particles, fabric, echoes of outlines, IRL footage and cosmic dancers accompany the music composed by Andreas during a residency in Teheran. Movements, aesthetics, spaces, layers, patterns and loops develop with the emotional, rhythmic and sonic scenario or music and the situation it was made in. Another level is created by the various ‘states of matter’ of stone: as a single unit, in combination as a building, as sand/desert.

TUTORIAL I Music: Erdmöbel I Director: Dennis Todorović
An actors’ tutorial about crying fake tears on camera. Ten actresses don’t only explain how to make oneself cry in ten easy steps, they also do their best to demonstrate it.
Hamburg-Premiere I Samstag, 10.11.2018, 21 Uhr I Kino: 3001
More informations:: www.kurzfilmtage.de.com (link to downloadable pdf document, cf. pages 174 to 184; this is also the source of each video clip description)