UNERHÖRT! 2018 – Jury decision for the Pop Archive-Award

The jury of UNERHÖRT! 2018 has made the decision to split the award money.

The first prize (1.500,- €) goes to SOVIET HIPPIES by Estonian director Terje Toomistu.
With its strong protagonists, the film draws a very consistent portrayal of former Soviet Union's Hippie movement and its political implications, explaining the social phenomenon through its musical vibe, too. The Soviet Hippie movement is well contextualized, also in the perspective of the situation in Russia today. Through its equally impressive images and interviews, the film shows that 1968 and its consequences, broadly conveyed these days in most diverse historicising formats, have fuelled comparable processes beyond the horizon of Western countries. In that sense, the film also contributes to the beginning of decolonization of Pop music historiography.

The second prize (1.000,- €) goes to EMBRYO - A JOURNEY OF MUSIC AND PEACE by by German director - and Embryo member ! - Michael Wehmeyer.
Embryo earns the award, as both, the film and the band, bear a message which is "dangerous" in our times: world peace ! The film itself provides inner peace for spectators and listeners. It impresses, inspires, and it even makes happy, with its well narrated, easily understandable story !
The film gets along with the most modest means. By using classical editing techniques and archival footage, a masterpiece was created. That is real art!

And so is this collective of musicians. Embryo ist not an ordinary band, but a Social sculpture. Therefore, the film is also an important document about recent German music history, and for its peace message, it is as well very valuable material for media pedagogy approaches. If, instead of political interests or temporary fashion, we were to follow the universal language of all mankind - which is: music -, then we would have world peace. Where others stay at the surface, Embryo is a deep well. Hence: Embryo !

A Special mention goes to L7 – PRETEND WE’RE DEAD by US-american filmmaker Sarah Price:
L 7 – PRETEND WE’RE DEAD, built on exciting historical archive footage, shows the career of the band L7, from its emergence out of the L.A. Art and performance scene in the 1980s and its breakup in 2001 to its reunion in 2017. Band members comment the footage in the off, resulting in an authentic portrayal of a band that demonstrates: In no way is excessive rock on stage a male preserve !
Hamburg-based music film festival UNERHÖRT!, for 2018, returns to the movie-friendly season of fall. During four days, from 7th to 10th of November 2018, everything is going to be centered again around music in moving images.

According to the big picture in global politics today, our  12th edition’s program focuses on two main regions:
In the Year 2 of the Trump presidency and in a climate of continiously difficult negotiations for the Brexit, the program contains as many films about musical styles coming from the USA and the UK as never before. It comes as no surprise that the chosen films do not particularily take governmental positions. They treat a great diversity of artists ranging from exceptional personalities – such as John Coltrane, Shirley Collins, Blacker Dread – and band projects – the female grunge rockers of L7 – to the description of whole scenes – Detroit Techno, US-american DIY-/Straight Edge-/Hardcore-Underground, scottish Post-Punk, and the crowd of Library Music nerds. To counterbalance the Western Pop Culture Superpowers, the other big film package of UNERHÖRT! 2018 comes from Eastern European countries: Subcultures from former USSR and Yugoslavia (Estonia, Russia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Slovenia) are the subject of 6 films of the program – another UNERHÖRT!-record broken in 2018. One can make the aquaintance of unique Avantgarde film composer Oleg Karavaychuk, one can walk through the history of deviant behaviour during the USSR and Yugoslavia era, with, among others, a fresh production about the first album by Slovenian band LAIBACH. Last but not least, a compilation of flashy impressions gives insights to diverse sub-scenes in contemporary Russia. Sounds of Germany have their say in the program as well: The country’s state of mind gets exposed in a film about local Jimi Hendrix devotion, in a program of music videos produced in Germany, and finally in a portrayal of the Münster-based band MESSER (the German word for knife …). In memory of German Direct Cinema pioneer Klaus Wildenhahn, who deceased earlier this summer, we will show his two-parts-film about the instrument bandoneon. Tango … from Germany! The films are almost all German or Hamburg premieres. Most of the shown films take part of the UNERHÖRT! competition for the Best Music Documentary of the Year. In 2018, this prize is donated by Pop Archive, the award money amounts to 2.500,- €. The decision about the award is made by an independant jury of three experts with fields of work in film and/or music, and tightly linked to the city of Hamburg. The festival’s 20 films and one program of music videos will be screened in two theatres: - in the cinephile neighborhood venue B-Movie in Sankt Pauli; - in the arthouse theatre 3001 in the Schanze neigborhood.


Release date: 18th of July 2018

On July 18, 1988 Christa Päffgen aka Nico - illegitimate daughter of a Cologne brewery owner, war child in Berlin, fashion model, Warhol-Muse, singer at "Velvet Underground", uncompromising solo musician - died in Ibiza as a result of a bicycle accident. The movie is a little masterpiece Even those who think they know the story will enjoy this scene patchwork and narrative flow embedded in quiet pictures. Even if you think you know the music, you can hear it here with new eyes! And dogma star Trine Dyrholm offers fans of higher acting art a passionate parforce tour through a number of moods. Humble, the Dane does not put her own virtuosity in the foreground, but gives the portrayed icon the whole stage. All together - the staging, the composed image, the music - sends you into a dialectically dazzling trance, which you succumb to at the very latest when Nico is on a disaster appearance in socialist Prague with you and your audience - including a clean-up militia included a punk rock version of one of her late songs in a short euphoria pulls up: „My heart is empty. But the songs I sing are filled with love for you“.


Release date: 07th June 2018

The feature film tests the fictional method to approach perhaps the most famous musician in the Arab world: Even 40 years after her death, the Egyptian singer Oum Kulthum enjoys a fame that puts everyone else in the shade. As proof, New York-based Iranian artist Shirin Neshat has now taken on the character Oum Kutlhum. Neshat chooses a clever film-in-a-movie approach that enables her to bring her and our present into the retro perspective: A director illuminates the life of the "Voice of Egypt" between her childhood in the village of the early 20th century about the rise in Cairo as a woman in a male-dominated, religiously conservative environment in the 1920s about World War II, the Egyptian Independence, Nasserism to the heyday of western modernism under Saddad in the 1970s. So while she tries to make that big break, the staged director has to constantly deal with her own role as an artist, wife and mother in the here and now, in today's world.


News from the creators of the film WENN GOTT SCHLÄFT

REGGAE BOYZ tells the exciting story of the Jamaican national football team, which tries to qualify for the World Cup with the help of German coaching legend Winnie "Madness" Schäfer. "Winnie Madness" has already been introduced by the reggae legend Bunny Wailer to the advantages of the "High-Grade Herbs". REGGAE BOYZ shows a special fusion of music and football in a country where Bob Marley praised the spiritual power of the "beautiful game", but at the same time has one of the highest murder rates in the world.


Release date: 12th of April 2018

On April 12, 2018, the feature film - and participant in the competition of this year's Berlinale - 3 days in Quiberon by UNERHÖRT! 2017 juror Emily Atef launched in theaters nationwide. We wish our great colleague with this story about a legendary photo shoot by Romy Schneider a lot of success and especially full halls on the start weekend!