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Das Jahr 2009
For 2 weeks in December 2009, UNERHÖRT! toured 3 cities: Hamburg, Berlin and Groningen/NL.
In Hamburg we presented a record-breaking program of 65 films in 4 cinemas and venues like the Goethe-Institut, Beatlemania and Haus III&70. The first „Music Film“ convention accompanied a program of various films and was extremely well received by film experts.
The venues in Berlin were the cinemas “eiszeit” and “FSK”. In Groningen, UNERHÖRT! was held at the famous “Vera”.
Our program attracted an audience of 2,500 viewers. The undisputed highlights were the screening of „Dicke Hose“, a film by local heroes Henna Peschel and Miles Terheggen in the sold-out Abaton in Hamburg, which consequently won the audience award, a night of SPEX’s favorite music videos, commented by Blogger Moritz Schmall, an appearance by Armin Mueller-Stahl, discussing his part in the Schostakowitsch portrait, „Dem kühlen Morgen entgegen“, the opening of our new series „Legendary Music Films“ with the classic „This is Spinal Tap“ and the screening of „Le piano fatigué“ in the 3001 cinema followed by a live performance of Faust spin-off, ArtErrorist, improvising with filmmaker (and Ex-Abwärts guitarist) Uwe Bastiansen.
The considerable public interest is reflected in the numerous press releases and media reports (please see „review 2009“) and we are especially proud of our online communication. With regards to content as well as quantity, our communication through social networking works at a high level. In the future our festival will have an even stronger Web presence and we look forward to communicating with our friends and fans.
In 2009 we successfully expanded and established the UNERHÖRT! festival. This was only possible by an increase in audience numbers, the continued support of our partner and sponsors, and last, but not least, the UNERHÖRT! team’s exemplary commitment- entirely on volunteer basis!
How will the festival continue? In 2010, the festival structure will be more compact. We are strengthening the cooperation with other festivals and expect to visit additional cities with our program. The NEW TALENTS section remains important to the festival and we are continuing to build closer cooperation with film schools.
You can look forward to a new and exciting festival year in 2010!
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