Music Films 2014

UNERHÖRT! Music Film Festival Hamburg




Home game. SLIME. The Anarcho-Punks from Hamburg. Reunion. After 15 years. The voice from the dictating machine: an acoustic tour diary. From the roadie bully. Not a leaf in your mouth. Deep insights into the contradictory life between punk nostalgia and bourgeoisie. A picture of Germany with motorways, pedestrian zones, businesslike hotels, routinely managed venues and aging fans.

Timo Schierhorn
DE I 2013 I 97 minutes
And You Belong

Cindy Wonderful + Sarah Adorable = SCREAM CLUB. Electro HipHop from the USA. Without commercial ambitions. The film follows Sarah and Cindy on an US and European tour during 2008 to 2012, with a stop in Berlin. Skype interviews, photos, music videos, performances, self-dramatization, participating observations, documenting performances = kaleidoscope to a life-affirming, activist, internationally networked queer music underground.

Julia Ostertag
DE I 2013 I 86 minutes
Andrea Neumann Performs “Water Walks” By John Cage

100th birthday of John Cage in 2012. À L’ARME festival in Berlin. Musician Andrea Neumann re-stages Cage’s performance “Water Walk” after 54 years. Various drinking vessels. A grand piano. All sorts of more equipment. Sounds and silence.

Pavel Borodin
DE I 2012 I 5 minutes
Cassy  Meditations On The Dancefloor

Essayistic approach to the event of electronic music through the portrait of DJ Cassy. Club. Dancing. Intuition. Intensity. Time stretches. On the dance floor. In everyday life between parties. Constantly on the move. Airports. Taxi rides. Hotel rooms. Playing records as passion, as a profession.

Marietta Kesting
DE I 2014 I 55 minutes
Electro Chaabi

Politics and music, Arab Spring and Global Ghetto Tech – Chaabi is traditional wedding music. Electro Chaabi is the Egyptian answer to the digital sounds of the present. From downtown Cairo to the slums of Matariya, Imbaba and Madinat Al-Salam. New feelings. New sound. New texts. With DJ Figo, Chipsy Islam, Fifty, Ortega, Alaa and many more. New circumstances?

Hind Meddeb
EG/F I 2013 I 77 minutes
Elektro Moskva

Filmic essay about the last century of (post-)Soviet “electro history”. By Theremin, the “Russian Edison”. About the space era of the 1960s. And the mass production of synthesizers in the early 1980s as a waste product of the military industry. To Russia’s current electronic music scene, which recycles, reinterprets and leads the heritage into an uncertain future: “On a western device, you push a button and get a result. On a Soviet instrument, you push a button and get something.”

Elena Tikhonova/ Dominik Spritzendorfer
AT I 2013 I 89 minutes
Fuck the Atlatic Ocean

A duo: SWEET SWEET MOON. From Austria. Beyond the music industry. Fat on the net. Fanbase in South America. Self-organized tour through Argentina and Chile, accompanied by a collective of pop-culturally enthusiastic filmmakers and photographers from Vienna.

They Shoot Music, Don’t They
AT I 2014 I 70 minutes

The music of the producer trio HOMEWRECKERS – from abstract funk to Detroit techno – finds worlds of images from the young history of moving computer graphics. The visual material is taken from the image fund of PARALLELE I-IV, Harun Farocki’s last installation work. He had left this material to the musicians to use freely.

Johannes Ehmann/ Alexander König
DE I 2014 I 55 minutes

Two daughters portray two fathers using the means of film and music. The composer’s father is no longer listening. The filmmaker’s father falls silent. Experimental examination of a generation of men, with a relationship pattern and with the claim to open resonance spaces for individuality by means of creative processes.

Ursula Mihelic
AT I 2014 I 63 minutes
Rise Up

Three who want to move up in the competitive music business of Kingston. Kemoy, the naive country voice has no idea how well she sings. Turbulence, capital ghetto kid, sings for other people. Ice, on the other hand, wannabe gangster from better circles, has dancehall ambitions – a look at the back rows of the reggae scene that reveals more about Jamaica’s music and society than sheds the attention onto those who are in the limelight anyway.

Luciano Blotta
USA/ ARG I 2009 I 88 minutes
Single  Eine Schallplatte Wird Produziert

Harun Farocki’s only film about music: How a disco piece is put together. On the one hand, those whose ideas are to be realised. On the other hand the hired musicians. Phrases in communication as in music. Repetitions. The camera observes. Objectively. Twice Farocki asks simple questions, once he is watching. An assembly line as a picture background for the credits: pop culture industry at work.

Harun Farocki
BRD I 1979 I 49 minutes
The King Of One String

Brushy One String, impressive sidekick from RISE UP with his one-sided guitar, gets his eight minutes of personal fame here.

Luciano Blotta
USA/ARG I 2013 I 8 minutes
The Punk Singer

Kathleen Hanna. American punk. Riot-Grrr. Bikini Kill. Le Tigre. Activist feminism. Art. Teaching Art. Get sick. Stay alive. Stay with art. Always.

Sini Anderson
USA I 2013 I 83 minutes
The Sound Of Belgium

The rewritten history of contemporary popular dance music in Belgium. On a line that starts with local carnival customs and older dance palace traditions and leads via the dark, cold electronic body music and the New Beat to current Belgian house and techno, the film searches for the spirit of a country in the sounds that made its inhabitants dance.

Jozef Devillé
BEL I 2012 I 85 minutes