Lessons Of Pop

Hannes Rossacher, Laure Isenmann

What does Miley Cyrus’s backside have to do with the discrimination against black people in the United States? What would Julius Caesar think of the Wacken festival? Why is “Eyes Wide Shut” Stanley Kubrick’s best film despite Tom Cruise’s performance? All excellent questions – to which one person has excellent answers: Iggy Pop.

Over the last four decades, the elder statesman of punk has not only witnessed the pop business first-hand, but has also helped to shape it. He’s always been more than just a protagonist; he’s also a keen, thoughtful observer.

In Austrian director Hannes Rossacher’s “Lessons of Pop”, Iggy Pop presents in ten lessons his view of pop culture, present and past. Provocative, self-mocking, surprising – “aha!” moments guaranteed.


Director: Hannes Rossacher, Laure Isenmann

Country: FRA
Year: 2016
Duration: 26 minutes