The 12th edition UNERHÖRT!

After two years, the Hamburg music film festival UNERHÖRT! returns to the cinema-friendly autumn: from 7 to 10 November 2018, everything will once again revolve around music in moving images for four days.

The two regional focal points of the 12th edition of UNERHÖRT! fit in with the general political weather situation:

In the year 2 of the Trump government and with continuing difficult negotiations on the Brexit, the film programme contains more films than ever before about music from the USA and Great Britain. Unsurprisingly, these films tend not to express particularly state positions. The spectrum ranges from extraordinary personalities – John Coltrane, Shirley Collins, Blacker Dread – to band projects – the female founders of L7 – to whole scenes – Detroit techno, US-American DIY/Straight Edge/Hardcore-Underground, Scottish post-punk and library music nerds. The British production THE LIBRARY MUSIC FILM opens the festival on November 7 at the 3001 cinema. With guests!

The second focal region is Eastern Europe: Subcultures from Estonia, Russia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Slovenia are the subject of a total of 6 films in the programme – and this is also a UNERHÖRT! record. Besides the acquaintance with the unique avant-garde film composer Oleg Karavaitschuk, there are forays into the history of deviant behaviour in both ex-Soviet and ex-Yugoslavian circumstances – including a very fresh production about the first LAIBACH album. Last but not least, there is a compilation of streaky insights into various scenes of contemporary Russia that have dropped out.

Local homeland sounds also come into their own again: Germany reveals itself in the mirror of local Jimi Hendrix worship, in a block of music videos of local production and in a portrait of the band MESSER from Münster. Finally, a kind of cinematic self-portrait of the world music pioneers of EMBRYO reconnects Germany with the big, wide world.

As a tribute to Klaus Wildenhahn, a filmmaker and Hamburg-born Klaus Wildenhahn who died in the summer, we show his two films about the bandoneon. So it’s about Tango … as music of German workers! It’s a painful thought that the man who made Direct Cinema in Germany hopeful will no longer come into conversation with us and our audience.

As every year, most of the films shown take part in the competition for the prize for the best music documentary. It will be donated by the Pop Archive for Popular Culture in 2018 and is endowed with € 2,500. It is awarded by an independent jury consisting of three experts* closely associated with Hamburg who are themselves on the move at the interface between film and music.

The festival’s 17 screenings – with a total of 20 films and a block of music videos – mostly consisting of German and Hamburg premieres, are spread over two venues:
The cooperation with the Cinephilen-Kollektiv vom B-Movie auf Sankt Pauli has almost become a tradition.
After a break of several years, UNERHÖRT! will again be screened in the flagship Arthauskino 3001, right in the middle of the Schanze.

Those interested in film and music can purchase tickets for the individual films at the cinemas and their ticket offices.

Published: 05.10.2017