A Sound Of My Own

by Rebecca Zehr

Embryo –
Next Generation, With Marja Burchard

Rebecca Zehr | Germany | 2021 | 51′ | OV (german subtitles)

After the death of her father Christian, Marja Burchard follows in his footsteps and becomes bandleader of the legendary Krautrock collective Embryo. She thus continues a tradition of over 50 years and at the same time seeks her own musical path, in a male-dominated industry – always on the move, always on the way to the next concert. But as the hectic pace increases, so does the noise. What happens when a person absorbs too many vibrations from his environment?

A SOUND OF MY OWN tells Marja’s world of sound in careful arrangements: observational black-and-white shots and found footage images, the present and the past merge into their own composition about Marja’s life – until the sound gains the upper hand and immerses the film in color.

A SOUND OF MY OWN von Rebecca Zehr