Film Submission

Show us your movies

We invite music films from all over the world to the music film festival UNERHÖRT! 2024 in Hamburg. We mainly show documentaries about music, but we are basically interested in everything that uses moving images to explain music as the main thing: concert films, biopics about musicians, musicals, opera films, music videos as well as feature films, short films and experimental films, provided that their main subject is music.

We don’t just want to “exhibit” the films, we want to enter into dialogue and help shape debates as an important link in the chain of communication about the films shown and the music we listen to. Because UNERHÖRT! programs always want to be a storm of images and an experience that refers to the cultural and political space in which music is created.

The closing date for entries is 15th of July 2024.
Legal recourse is excluded. The information you provide in this online form will of course only be used to process your submission and will not be passed on. Further information can be found in our data protection declaration.
Please note: We cannot pay screening fees.