Music Films 2008

UNERHÖRT! Music Film Festival Hamburg

The Chosen Ones

The young director from Hamburg researches current performances among New Yorkers of the same age who see themselves in various traditions of Jewish music.

Wendla Nölle
DE I 2007 I 88 minutes
Ist Faust Schön?

Accompanying the current activities of FAUST co-founders Péron and Diermayer, who keep the project alive with changing comrades-in-arms until today.

Julien Perrin
FRA I 2007 I 82 minutes
Dancing Shorts: Karaoke Show

Real-animation filmmaker films himself naked doing the moonwalk. The groove twitches angularly.

Karl Tebbe
DE I 2007 I 4 minutes
Dancing Shorts: Teen Spirit

Nirvana hit in jazz version, accompanied by a young duo dancing classical ballet in contemporary architecture.

Alex Reuben
UK I 2005 I 5 minutes
Dancing Shorts: Line Dance

Virtual stick and dot men dance minimal samba.

Alex Reuben
UK I 2004 I 5 minutes
Dancing Shorts: Que Pasa

Female torso dances black and white to Barjazz House: very simple, very abstract, very beautiful!

Alex Reuben
UK I 2001 I 1 minute
Dancing Shorts: Elvis Und Ich

For her seventieth birthday, Hermione gets the appearance of an Elvis impersonator as a gift. She thinks Elvis has returned. Hermione’s son Aaron, however, has problems with this (re)encounter.

Michael Sommer
DE I 2006 I 23 minutes

Nightlife research in Post-9-11- New York and after the R.A.V.E-Act 2003, which declared dancing in public illegal!

Julian Neville
DE I 2008 I 68 minutes
Die Akkordeon-Spielerin

Girl with accordion talent from the province and her attempt to win a national competition with a battered instrument.

Biljana Garbanlieva
DE/ MKD I 2006 I 30 minutes
Meine Freunde Spielen Jetzt Serben-Musik

Seven brass boys from Lower Bavaria decide to make Serbian folk music under the name “Kein Vorspiel” and take part in the largest brass festival in the world in the Serbian Guca.

Martin Ostermeier
DE I 2006 I 40 minutes
Queens Of Sound

Women in men’s business reggae in Jamaica. With Lady Saw, Marcia Griffith, the reggae professor Carolyn Cooper and many more.

Sandra Krampelhuber
AUS I 2006 I 74 minutes
Love Song About Storks

The Bosnian Muslim Edo Majka, child of the Balkan wars and his career web: how he rises to become the biggest rap star of the entire Balkans in Zagreb/Croatia and still maintains his street credibility.

Silvio Mirosnecenko
CRO I 2006 I 53 minutes
Love, Peace & Beatbox

The best beatboxers in Germany at present come from Berlin. This is a portrait of the vocal athletes, their art, their community and their city.

Volker Meyer-Dabisch
DE I 2007 I 70 minutes
Nach Der Musik

The Austrian Otmar Suitner, for decades conductor at the East Berlin State Opera, protracts from his illegitimate son from West Berlin.

Igor Heitzmann
DE I 2007 I 105 minutes
Atlantic Affairs: Sterne, Die Nie Untergehen

The musical for Udo Lindenberg’s rock show.

Nils Willbrandt/ Hark Bohm 
DE I 2002 I 90 minutes
Aufbruch Ins Innere: Der Komponist Matthias Pintscher

To build abstract acoustic spaces, to apply Mutz to reduced rhythmics, to optimize reductionism – this is how Matthias Pintscher describes his work in recent years.

Klaus Voswinkel
DE I 2007 I 60 minutes
Blondie: One Way Or Another

Listening to Blondie, one thinks of the charismatic front woman and singer Debbie Harry. But Blondie is first and foremost a band.

Matt O’Casey
UK I 2006 I 72 minutes
Berlin Song

“Berlin Song” tells of musicians from the very lively Berlin New Folk underground.

Uli M. Schueppel
DE I 2006 I 80 minutes
Disco Dancer

For a long time, wedding singer and dancer Jimmy has been trying to leave behind the shame of his childhood in the poor quarters of Bombay.

Babbar Subash
IND I 1983 I 135 minutes
Disco Love Machine: Im Beat Liegt Die Sehnsucht

This film is dedicated to the music style disco and the disco as a place.

Oliver Schwabe
DE I 2008 I 150 minutes
George Clinton: Tales Of Dr. Funkenstein

Punkfilm-Legende Don Letts hat seine Serie an Portraits ikonographischer Figuren der Black Music um eine weitere bereichert.

Don Letts
UK I 2007 I 60 Minuten
Global Metal

The film shows how the highly controversial music genre has also influenced other cultures outside Europe and North America.

Sam Dunn/ Scott McFayden
CAN I 2007 I 93 minutes
Godfather Of Disco

The dance scene in New York in the 70s.

Gene Graham
USA I 2007 I 84 minutes
I Love HipHop In Morocco

The film accompanies the very first hip-hop festival in Morocco – from the idea to the stage.

Jennifer Needleman/ Joshua Asen
USA I 2007 I 80 minutes
Joy Division

Grant Gee uses haunting black and white images, private photos and unreleased live footage to show why Joy Division was unique.

Grant Gee
UK I 2007 I 94 minutes
Plattln In Umtata: Shoeslapping In Africa

“Plattln in Umtata” follows the Bavarian band Biermösl Blosn to Africa.

Peter Heller
ZAF I 2007 I 92 minutes
Sonic Mirror: Musik Ist Eine Wilde Bestie

Mika Kaurismäki’s film takes the viewer on a very personal journey through Billy Cobham’s world of music.

Mika Kaurismäki
FIN/CH I 2007 I 79 minutes
We Call It Techno

Inspired by new sounds, new technologies and the political events of the time, a scene celebrating the beginning of a new era emerged in Germany in the early 1990s.

Maren Sextro/ Holger Wick
DE I 2008 I 100 minutes
Wenn die Zahnräder Menschen Sind: Das Klavierkonzert von György Ligeti

At the centre of this film is Ligeti’s Concerto for Piano and Orchestra, composed between 1985 and 1988 and interpreted by the Parisian Ensemble Intercontemporain under the direction of Pierre Boulez.

Uli Aumüller/ Hanne Kaisik
DE I 1996 I 60 minutes
498, Third Avenue

The film shows dance as work: effort, exhaustion, but also fun and fantasy.

Klaus Wildehahn
DE I 1967 I 83 minutes