by Marilina Giménez

Audience Award 2020

The audience of the UNERHÖRT! SOUNDWATCH partner festival has decided: the audience award of 500,- € goes to Marilina Giménez for her film UNA BANDA DE CHICAS. We congratulate Marilina Giménez and thank all viewers who participated in the online voting. The prize is donated by

The audience thus distinguishes a film about women’s bands in the current music scene of Buenos Aires, which has emerged from the milieu described above and which portrays a movement that actively and across the pop-cultural garden for self-determination and visibility of women in business and everyday life.

Thore Vollert from STUDIO HAMBURG ENTERPRISES congratulates:

“In the difficult times in which the entire industry is currently going through, it is more important than ever to stick together, not to lose the fun and perspective, to believe in what you stand for. We are therefore glad to be able to contribute a small part through our established cooperation with UNERHÖRT! and SOUNDWATCH, so that music films and documentaries can get a stage off the mainstream and continue to find their audience. The winning film 2020, “Una Banda de Chicas”, underlines this goal in an impressive way: Pop culture lives and breathes, it is diverse, colorful and loud – and in the best sense relevant to every system”.

Just behind UNA BANDA DE CHICAS, the audience liked the following three films – we want to make a special mention of each one:

PHIL LYNOTT: SONGS FOR WHILE I’M AWAY by Emer Reynolds, about the early deceased black Thin-Lizzy frontman Phil Lynott, who became Ireland’s first worldwide rock star in the 60s.

MY LIFE IS A GUNSHOT by Marcel Ramsay, about the Berlin-based Swiss Noise-Impro-Dada performance turntablist Joke Lanz.

REINHARD GLÖDER – WALKING THE BLUES by Jürgen Hille, about the 75-year-old bassist Glöder and his work in the North Rhine-Westphalian jazz scene.