UNERHÖRT! Music Film Festival 2023

Audience Award

VIENNA CALLING by Philipp Jedicke emerges as the clear winner of the 2023 UNERHÖRT! audience award. Accordingly, the prize for the best music documentary of the year in 2023, donated by amboss Film+Musik and endowed with 500,00 €, goes to Philipp Jedicke personally.

by Philipp Jedicke
Audience Award<br />
UNERHÖRT Musikfilmfestival 2023
Philipp Jedicke<br />

Vienna Calling is an exciting journey into the pop and underground Vienna. A film in which music and words go hand in hand, in which we look “behind the scenes” and get to know the most important artists the contemporary music scene better, but also share moments from their private lives with them. An electrifying and poetic approach to the music and cultural scene of a European metropolis that seems old-fashioned and hypermodern at the same time. The Viennese artists take the urban space they need. But this space is becoming increasingly confined.

VIENNA CALLING opens in German cinemas on November 16, 2023!