Işıl Karataş

Three jazz musicians from Berlin try their hand at busking on a summer trip through eastern Europe. As they make their way from Berlin to Istanbul, by way of Prague, Budapest, and Split, they play in places they encounter along their route – some of them pretty peculiar.

In “Bülbül”, an experimental film shot in black and white, Istanbul-born filmmaker Işıl Karataş ceaselessly pursues the nomadic performers, capturing their unusual routines and the bizarre situations they find themselves in. The energetic music played by the trio – a saxophonist, drummer, and electric guitar player – evolves in parallel with the strange settings in which they perform and the diverse audiences that listen to them, ranging from children to animals to dancing passersby to everlasting trees.

Director: Işıl Karataş

Country: GER I TR
Year: 2015
Duration: 20 minutes