Dear friends!

UNERHÖRT! the music film festival in Hamburg, will take place again in 2020! For the 14th time!

Despite increasing infection rates, we trust in a stable situation and once again we want to bring very special music films directly to the cinemas:

From November 11th – 14th you can find us again in the well-known Hamburg film screening locations 3001-KINO and B-Movie – and for the opening event in the Metropolis Kino.

Of course, we will comply with all existing safety regulations – your health remains our top priority!

In concrete terms this means today:
To comply with the distance regulations, only about 30% of the available seats are sold. We spend considerably more time on ventilation and disinfection of the halls after each demonstration than before Corona.

This naturally has an impact on the program:
In the cinemas themselves, we will not be able to show as many films in 2020 as you are used to. Therefore we are working on an additional alternative and want to offer you an online version of UNERHÖRT! 2020 online version. The special feature of this streaming offer will be that it will include more films – films that thematically follow on from the films in the “main program” – and thus make the overall program even bigger than what you have seen from us so far. Expansion in the crisis!

Fittingly, over 500 films were submitted to UNERHÖRT! this year! More than ever before! Many thanks to all of them!

So there was no lack of possibilities! Our selection results in a festival where you can travel halfway around the world, with film and music contributions from Ghana, Switzerland, Poland, Russia and France, Peru and Argentina, the UK and the USA.

We have condensed this diversity in the following program emphases:

  • Black Music Matters – from rebellious music in Ghana to lively dance in the drug city of Baltimore and an Afro-Irish legend
  • Electronic music and its pioneers – from the time before club music as we know it, and from drone sounds from serious music
  • Women in front of and behind the camera – our permanent topic: Visibility and production sovereignty in the gender culture war
  • USA – What does the clash of hyper-individualism and autocratic populism sound like in THE pop-culture great power par excellence?


To give you a more detailed picture of what you can expect, here are a few multilineers of individual films:

  • White Riot is the audio-visual history of the Rock Against Racism initiative in England in the late 1970s. It came into being as a reaction to the strengthening of the National Front, but also to racist tendencies within the music industry and culminated in a historic concert with The Clash, Steelpulse and the Tom Robinson Band, among others. With this film we want to open our 14th edition on November 11.
  • Beef documents the current, extremely successful, because meanwhile huge halls filling hip hop scene in Russia.
  • The Go-Go’s portrays the first all-female band, which entered the Top 10 with its own compositions in the early 80s and even led the US album charts for over a year with its debut LP “The Beauty and the Beat”.
    Everybody’s Everything describes the phenomenon of SoundCloud-Rap by means of the tragic story of emo-trap artist Lil Peep.

 In the coming weeks, we will be presenting the program development and the individual films in even more detail, both on the UNERHÖRT! website and on other familiar channels.


Veröffentlicht: 29.09.2020