RAW Chicks.Berlin

Beate Kunath

“Raw Chicks.Berlin” presents eleven multifaceted portraits of international Berlin-based female musicians. The documentary focusses on live acts – women who go on stage with their equipment and perform their own songs and compositions. The musical spectrum ranges from experimental by way of noise-based electronic to electro-acoustic sounds.

In her film, director Beate Kunath – whose previous works, including “geradezu heraus. Irmtraud Morgner in Chemnitz” and “Dieser eine gemeinsame Tag”, also centre around women and their spheres of experience – provides a glimpse inside Berlin’s diverse and vibrant music scene and, by showcasing these female artists, Kunath has created a contemporary document that brings a female perspective to the often male-dominated writing of history.

Director: Beate Kunath

Country: GER
Year: 2017
Duration: 105 minutes