Von Vielen

by Eva Hartmann

The band “Rainer von Vielen” from Bavaria
is fighting its way through pandemic times

Eva Hartmann | Germany | 2023 | 79′ | OV

For almost 20 years, the Allgäu band Rainer von Vielen has been on the road in German-speaking countries. The sandbox friends Rainer Hartmann and Michael Schönmetzer live their childhood dream – even if it is sometimes not as dazzling as in their imagination. With their mix of hip hop, rock and folk music, which they themselves call “bastard pop,” they play almost 100 concerts a year and finance their lives with it. The Corona crisis comes out of nowhere and calls into question everything that Rainer and Michi have built up with their band over the past years. The shock sits deep, not only for the band, but for the entire cultural and event industry. But Rainer and Michi don’t let it get them down. Michi explores various options for temporary permanent employment and Rainer spontaneously recruits the aging tour bus for his temporary job as a removal man.

The documentary Von Vielen, shot by Rainer’s sister Eva, accompanies the musicians through the pandemic and shows how they try to get out of the crisis with optimism and creativity. Against all odds, Rainer and Michi hold on to their dream, so that in the end they can celebrate life together with their fans again.

Guest Film Talk: Barbara Groben (Production)