Work In Progress:
Barbara Morgenstern
Mona Mur

with Sabine Herpich and Dietmar Post

Two music films from Germany under public discussion shortly before completion

Sabine Herpich vs. Dietmar Post | Germany | 2024 | 2 x 20′ | OV/OmeU

For the second time in 17 years, UNERHÖRT! invites you to a double work-in-progress screening: Two directors each show an approx. 20-minute excerpt from productions that have not yet been completed and discuss them with each other, but also with filmmakers and other interested parties. Our guests this year are, on the one hand, Sabine Herpich, who has been accompanying Barbara Morgenstern for several months in the process that will lead to the creation of her new album “In anderem Licht”; on the other hand, Dietmar Post, who will be showing material in which he has Mona Mur comment on archive images from her career since the 1980s.

Present vs. 80s, discourse pop vs industrial pop, choir director vs taekwondo master, direct cinema vs talking head aesthetics (with level!). This event will focus on issues around concepts, dramaturgies and final montages of documentaries about music. Of particular interest: the attitude of the protagonists themselves. In addition to the directors, Barbara Morgenstern and Mona Mur will be present in person. This format lives from a reversal of the usual distribution of roles: Here the makers ask the questions and the audience gives the answers! It’s about impressions, about feedback, about exchange, about help with the completion!

Guests Film Talk: Mona Mur, Dietmar Post (Director), Barbara Morgenstern and Sabine Herpich (Director)