Music Films 2013

UNERHÖRT! Music Film Festival Hamburg

Buebe Gö z’Tanz

The Alpine Pogues of KUMMERBUBEN are working on a joint piece with Izumi Shuto and Martina Langmann, two dancers of the Bern Ballet. The BUBEN want to be the first rock band in the world to perform at the Bern City Theatre. The two women also want to attract attention to their coeography skillse. It is a long-term observation of a creative process that brings two worlds together, not always painless.

Steve Walker
CH I 2012 I 85 minutes
How We Entered Europe – The SexA Case

SexA (Sedativ ex Apoteka) from Zagreb were heroes of Yugoslavia’s post-punk underground scene in the 80s. Producer legend Steve Albini is interested in the band. SexA moves to Holland in 1990. Then the Balkan war breaks out. About 20 years later – Croatia is about to join the EU – the former members take stock of their failure.

Ines Pletikos
CRO I 2013 I 60 minutes
If Nobody Is Playing

The film follows the difficult beginnings of the underground band Bernay’s Propaganda from Skopje around Vasko Atanasoski. In best DIY-manner, the busy straight-edger does everything to advance his music – a course with plenty of obstacles and grotesque incidents through Macedonian everyday life.

Gjorgji Janevski
MAZ I 2010 I 54 minutes
Kein Vertrauen. Keine Angst. Um Nichts Bitten

Blatnjak, this is the name of the songs of Russian thieves and crooks. It is based on a long history of political arbitrariness. The film concentrates on underground culture from the 1960s onwards and its protagonists, whose music circulated underhand millions of times and is still very popular today, both in traditional acoustic form and in updated electronic versions. Soundtrack of the circumstances.

Peter Rippl
D/RUS I 2012 I 82 minutes
La Perla Del Mar

30 minutes raw cut of a project about the 86-year-old Spanish singer María Mérida from the Canary Islands

Joachim Jung
DE I 2013 I 30 minutes
Meditations On The Dancefloor

30 minutes raw cut of a film essay about Catherine Britton aka DJ Cassy.

Marietta Kesting
DE I 2013 I 30 minutes
Mission To Lars

The London siblings William and Kate Spicer set out to fulfil the gratest wish of their brother Tom, who suffers from FXS (Fragile X Syndrome): to meet Lars Ullrich, the drummer of the US metal band METALLICA.

William Spicer/James Moore
UK I 2012 I 77 minutes
No Ideas But In Things – The Composer Alvin Lucier

Portrait of Alvin Lucier, that observes the American composer on concert tours in Europe and while teaching in the USA. In the process, a complete oeuvre becomes audible and visible, presenting itself as a systematic tightrope walk between avant-garde composition, contemporary art performance and modern science.

Viola Rusche/ Hauke Harder
DE I 2012 I 97 minutes
Regilaul  Lieder Aus Der Luft

The Regi songs from Estonia have their roots in a time before the Christianisation of the region. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, this folk music has taken on an important role in the question of the young nation’s cultural identity. With a calm eye, the film finds images for the shamanistic magic of this tradition and its practice in the 21st century.

Ulrike Koch
CH I 2011 I 104 minutes
Sample: Not For Sale

The Dutch filmmaker, artist, musician and producer Redman gets to the bottom of the worldwide success of Hip Hop and the now so widespread and controversial cultural technique of sampling – and shoots guerilla-style interviews with pioneers like Afrika Bambaataa, Marley Marl, George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, DJ Shadow – just to name a few.

Mike Redman
NL I 2012 I 120 minutes
Smith, James O.  Die Europa-Tournee Des Jazz-Organisten Jimmy Smith

Jimmy Smith, in his time a groovy demigod at the bubbling Hammond organ, on European tour. Klaus Wildenhahn, pioneer of German Direct Cinema, should speak for himself: “We adopted the principle of a certain structure and the lively improvisation embedded in it that is present in jazz.”

Klaus Wildenhahn
DE I 1965 I 57 minutes
Smith, James O.  Ein Jazz-Organist In Amerika

Jimmy Smith, the American Hammond jazz musician, accompanied in his home country USA by the German Direct Cinema pioneer Klaus Wildenhahn.

Klaus Wildenhahn
DE I 1965 I 45 minutes
Welcome To The Machine

A storm of statements about the conditions for success in the music business. In 12 chapters no aspect is left out. Very, very, very many people speak out, and they are those who need to know: renowned musicians, recognized producers, influential string-pullers from all over the world and across all genres.

Andreas Steinkogler
AT I 2013 I 105 minutes