Music Films 2010

UNERHÖRT! Music Film Festival Hamburg

Beyond Ipanema – Brazilian Waves in Global Music

The influence of Bossa Nova on the international development of music. With David Byrne, Thievery Corporation, Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil and many more.

Guto Barra/ Béco Dranoff
BRA I 2009 I 89 minutes
Bands On Boats (Work in Progress)

Bands on Boeats is a “project in flux” and will be a documentary about young and independent Berlin bands.

Gabriele Kahnert
DE I 2010/ 2011
Oh Horn!

Portrait of the influential German jazz musician Albert Mangelsdorff in reduced, very graphic black and white photographs.

Lucie Herrmann
DE I 1980 I 58 minutes
Rush – Beyond The Lighted Stage

The phenomenon of a band that could be called the most famous secret tip in rock history.

Sam Dunn/ Scot McFayden
CAN I 2010 I 107 minutes
Peter Herbholzheimer – Ein Portrait zum 70. Geburtstag

Portrait about the jazz musician and arranger Peter Herbholzheimer, who died in March 2010.

Elmar Sommer/ Ali Haurand
DE I 2005 I 90 minutes
Klaus Doldinger – Eine Deutsche Musikerlegende

The portrait illuminates the person and the development of the German jazz and fusion legend.

Elmar Sommer/ Ali Haurand
DE I 2006 I 90 minutes

With Joe Strummer, Billy Bragg, Daimen Hirst, Beans On Toast, The Riff Raff. After the death of Joe Strummer, the Strummerville Foundation was founded to promote young bands in his spirit.

Don Letts
UK I 2010 I 54 minutes
Franz Ferdinand: Rock it to Rio

Documentary about the 2005 Brazil tour of Franz Ferdinand.

Don Letts
UK I 2006 I 54 minutes
Congo Square

Documentary about the event series “Black Atlantic” with numerous musicians from three continents: Archie Shepp, Doudou N’Diaye, DJ Spooky and many more.

Michael Schehl
DE I 2005 I 100 minutes
Sunny’s Time Now

Portrait about the American avant-garde jazz drummer and composer Sunny Murray. Among others with Albert Ayler, Don Cherry, Henry Grimes, Lewis Worrell, Leroy Jones.

Antoine Prum
LUX I 2008 I 108 minutes
Nightwalk – Jugend Der Nacht + Nightmusic – Von Beruf DJ

Nightwalk portrays young Berliners on their forays through the city in the summer of 1997, accompanied by techno, house and drum’n’bass. Nightmusic shows DJ Mitja Prinz at work in the Bonito House Club in the old Tesor. He also talks about what the weather conditions can have to do with the atmosphere on the dance floor.

Manfred Wilhelms
DE I 1997/2000 I 90 + 45 minutes
Passions Just Like Mine

The film portrays the Morrissey-Fains in the Latin American community of Los Angeles, their passion for his voice, his texts, his music.

Kerri Koch
USA I 2008 I 78 minutes
Disco Love Machine – Im Beat Liegt Die Sehnsucht

Schwabe’s collages of television shows, forgotten live material, and videos have a special narrative language. About disco and house and the first discotheques: Hans Nieswandt, Khan, Barry White, Supermax and many more.

Oliver Schwabe
DE I 2008 I 150 minutes