Rabelle Ramez, Camille Tricaud

Her love is for the meeting of art and film

The meeting of art and film – this is what they love. In “Couz”, Rabelle Ramez and Camille Tricaud, students of film directing in Munich, present a portrait of a group of teenagers in Marseille who spend day and night together. Because school is out. It’s summer. And summer feels like an eternity.

Everyday conversations transform into everyday poetry, which, in turn, transforms into rap. A film about friendship and language. A portrait of a time. Summertime. A time to be free from all obligations and open to anything that might happen. “Sometimes I ask myself, if it’s worth it. And I think: Yes. You can’t say you’ve had a youth, if you’ve never chilled on the street, on the same bench with your friends for hours and hours. In these moments and places, you see everything.”

Director: Rabelle Ramez, Camille Tricaud

Country: GER I FRA
Year: 2016
Duration: 31 minutes