I’m Gone – A Film About Amy

Julie Bourbonnais, Genevieve Philippon

Three drug addicts in recovery, two filmmakers, 10 million mosquitos, 20 hours from Montreal to Nova Scotia, and 12 days to record an album. To prove that it’s possible – possible to go on living, to reinvent yourself. “I’m Gone: A Film About Amy” tells a story of struggle and survival.

Meet Amy Goldberg: woman, mother, drug addict, lover, mentor, liar, musician. Not your typical portrait of a junkie. In this road trip back to life, Julie Bourbonnais and Geneviève Philippon follow Amy and her band, No Family, pushing forward mile after mile, looking into the abysses, glimpsing behind the facades – and ultimately unveiling and revealing Amy Goldberg.


Director: Julie Boubonnais, Genevieve Philippon

Country: CAN
Year: 2015
Duration: 82 minutes