Bobbi Jo Hart

Women in rock music – Fanny as a pioneer

Bobbi Jo Hart | Canada | 2021 | 96′ | engl. OV

“Revive Fanny. Then my work would be done.” – None other than David Bowie made that statement, and any number of fellow musicians lined up behind him as professional admirers of Fanny, one of the very early all-female rock bands and definitely the first to release an LP on an American major label (Fanny, 1970, on Reprise/Warner). Formed by Filipino-American sisters June and Jean Millington and other young women, Fanny released five critically acclaimed albums by 1975 and toured with famous bands (Slade, Jethro Tull, Chicago, and more). So they were an integral part of the rock scene of their time, and yet their role was written out of pop culture history by a white male, heteronormative music industry…. Until the band members reunited 50 years later over a new record deal.

The film offers really exciting archive footage – and the numerous interviews with the musicians themselves and their prominent colleagues give deep insights into the business – including amazing facts about the connection between monthly hygiene and drumming!

Bonnie Raitt, Kate Pierson (The B-52’s), Cherie Currie (The Runaways), Kathy Valentine (The Go-Go’s), Joe Elliott (Def Leppard), Todd Rundgren, John Sebastian (Lovin’ Spoonful), Charles Neville, Earl Slick and Gail Ann Dorsey (David Bowie’s guitarist/bassist) pay homage to the band.

Cover Photo Credit: Marita Madeloni

Fanny The Right To Rock

Photo Credit: (1)+(2) Linda Wolf | (3) Bobbi Jo Hart