Ros Edwards

About the unfortunate connection
of fame and (self-) destruction

Ros Edwards | USA | 2021 | 91′ | engl. OFV

Axl Rose, singer of Guns’n’Roses, famous for hits like “Paradise City” and “Sweet Child of Mine,” is considered one of the most unpredictable rock stars of all time.  Time and again, the charismatic frontman has systematically destroyed everything that made him successful. Then he disappeared from the scene altogether for a decade.

This biographical documentary, featuring only people who knew Rose very well, explores the destructive life of the iconic musician. It explores why he regularly sabotaged both his artistic success and his private relationships while always seeking perfection. In the process, a picture emerges of a man who was irreparably damaged by a strict upbringing marked by abuse, who suffered from manic depression as a result, and who nevertheless rose to become a rock legend, with over 100 million records sold. His life as a star seems overshadowed by destructive behavior and chaos – all the more surprising that in the end we meet an Axl Rose who today seems to be at peace with himself.