Max Roach –
The Drum Also Waltzes

by Sam Pollard and Ben Shapiro

A celebratory exhibition about the life, music
and activism of a groundbreaking artist

Sam Pollard, Ben Shapiro | USA | 2023 | 82′ | OmeU

Max Roach: The Drum Also Waltzes is a fascinating portrait of a remarkable musician whose artistic and personal ambitions were challenged by the injustices of his time. Spanning seven decades, an impressive and multifaceted career made Max Roach one of the most important musical artists of the 20th century and made him a groundbreaking cultural activist at a time when the world was still deeply affected by racism.

This stirring film follows Roach on his journey through a life filled with highs and lows. In the shining moments, he experienced groundbreaking successes that are now considered legendary. But personal struggles and the high price Roach paid for his often outspoken views are not concealed. His life was an epic musical journey: from the revolutionary jazz sounds of the 1940s to the years of the civil:rights struggle. Later, he ventured into experiments with hip-hop and created impressive multimedia works.

The film offers a powerful portrayal of an extraordinary artist and his struggle against the injustices faced by the Black community. Directed with deep respect and captivating, it tells the inspiring story of a man who used the power of music to bring about change and be a voice for those who would otherwise go unheard.