Teenage Superstars

Grant McPhee

Scotland, 1982. The stars of BIG GOLD DREAM, director Grant McPhee’s first film about the local Punk/Post-Punk’s first wave (released in 2015), had either split up or taken the Big Gold Road south to major label success in London.

Glasgow was left with an independent void, but the seeds sown earlier would lead to a new era of rebellion. Punk was reborn in the shape of a new style of independent music. No longer would bands look to tidy themselves up and sign to a major record label in the hope of appearing on Top of the Pops. Independent music in Scotland now meant ‘No Compromise’ and this is the story of those bands and the personalities involved.


Director: Grant McPhee

Country: UK
Year: 2017
Duration: 107 minutes




This new documentary, a sequel of sorts to BIG GOLD DREAM, tells the story of what happened next in the uncompromising world of Scottish Independent Music. Bursting with new interviews, rare archive, untold stories and some of the most amazingly difficult, scratchy, noisy, genius pop music ever given to the world. With: The Vaselines, BMX Bandits, The Soup Dragons, Shop Assistants, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Teenage Fanclub, Primal Scream and The Pastels. And the labels ’53rd and 3rd’ and Creation.

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