To Stay Alive – A Method

Erik Lieshout

A Feelgood-Movie about suffering

Iggy Pop and Michel Houellebecq in one film! No need to say more about the merits of this documentary, right? In “To Stay Alive – A Method” the rock musician reads from an early, very personal essay written by the author. The title of the essay is “To Stay Alive” and it’s about the torments of being an artist, the role of the poet in society. And it’s about mental illness.

In the process of reading, Iggy Pop encounters himself. He encounters people whose stories inspired Houellebecq. And he encounters Houellebecq. Together they discuss the reasons why their respective experiences and reflections are so congruous. Have they, in the end, even ensured each other’s survival as a person and as an artist?

Director: Erik Lieshout

Country: NL
Year: 2016
Duration: 70 minutes