Who needs Music Documentaries when we have Instastories?

Music Video Research and Audiovisual Aesthetics in the Early 21st Century

Watching music and producing visual extravaganza around musical performances has changed dramatically in the last one hundred years. For their conversation, Carol Vernallis and Holger Schulze will be discussing major current and historical examples of music documentaries and music videos in their relation to the more recent developments of videos on social media. They will be exploring the history and development of the classical formats of music documentaries; they will be touching upon the bodies represented and enjoying themselves or suffering onscreen; and they will assess the place that documentary aesthetics have these days in regard to music performances – in this thoroughly altered mediascape: How are those videos on some of the smallest screens possibly even expanding the history of music on the bigger screens?

Skype-Panel with Carol Vernallis and Holger Schulze (English)