Talking To You – Christof Lauer (Sax)

by Lucie Hermann

About the renowned German jazz musician Christof Lauer and the love for that magical instrument, the saxophone

Lucie Hermann | Germany | 2023 | 92′ | OV

Christof Lauer is one of the great jazz saxophonists in Europe, has played with the stars of the international jazz scene, e.g. Carla Bley, Joachim Kühn, Palle Danielsson, Daniel Humair. He was a member of Albert Mangelsdorff’s quintet and the “United Jazz + Rock Ensemble”. Since 1970 he has played in the jazz ensemble of the Hessischer Rundfunk. From 1993 he held the role of soloist of the NDR Big Band for 25 years. How can we explain the magic that emanates from the saxophone? Who actually makes these instruments? And how has Christof Lauer managed to rekindle his love of jazz again and again over the decades?

Christof Lauer says, “I tell something about myself by playing and putting sounds together. That’s my story.” “Talking To You” penetrates the musical cosmos of an idiosyncratic musician who rejects any routine and persistently works on new forms. The main thing: “It has to be intense”.

Guests Film Talk: Lucie Herrmann (Director) and Christof Lauer


TALKING TO YOU – CHRISTOF LAUER, SAX von Lucie Hermann UNERHÖRT! Musikfilmfestival 2023